Navratri Wishing Viral Script | Blogger Viral Pro Script

Hello friends I’m going to give you today Navratri Wishing Viral Script for blogger. This is Blogger script so you need to be install script on blogger website and amazing thing is its free. Friends ready whole article to start to end and don’t skip anything. I will talk about how to download and setup this script in blogger and you can earn money using this WhatsApp viral script.

Navratri Wishing Viral Script is pro but free script to download and use i will give you link below to download script. First of all let’s see what you need to use this script to earn money.

1. AdSense approved account.

2. Blogger account

3. Whatsapp or Facebook groups to share link.

Guys let’s see how much you can earn from viral script. You’re script get a viral and shar by many peoples then you can easily earn more then 1000$. Don’t worries guys if you’re link didn’t viral even you can earn more then 200$ to 300$ or more. There is no trick if you share your link with your family groups on WhatsApp or friends groups, Facebook friends to Instagram post stories. Where ever you can share this link you should share.

People like this name type wishing script to share with other on festival. Now currently digital work where no on have that much time to write massage to wish others on festival. Most of people forward message rather then people want send unique wishes with save time so this type of script got viral easily.

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Blogger, you are familiar with blogger to operate and how to use it but who haven’t used it till date don’t worrie i will tell you in detail. Blogger is free from Google and you don’t need to pay anything. You need to create a site on blogger any how’s that i will show you in detail below.

AdSense approved account needed for this script to earn money easily. If you guys don’t have approved adsense account you can at your affiliate links of Amazon product, Flipkart or PayTm etc to earn affiliate income. I created a post about how to sign up affiliate account, create link and share in details.

Friends you can also use Admob account ads to show ads on script and there you not require any kind of approval just sign up on Admob, create ads banner and post ads banner in script.

How To Install Navratri Wishing Script On Blogger

First of all download script from below link. This script is only available for blogger account not for WordPress.

Follow below steps to install script in blogger and show ads on script.

1. Sign up or Login in to

2. Create a sign, write a name of site related to Navratri (like – Navratri Fastival, Navratri-wish)

3. Now click on them and select Awesome them & change to mobile setting.

4. Right here click on switch to first generation classic theme. And click on edit html.

5. Open downloaded in script on notepad++ (if you don’t have notepad++ download it. It will be helpful to you in editing)

6. Find Adsense code space in script and paste your code there

7. Copy all script and paste it in blogger html code and save.

Done guys you have successfully created your whatsapp viral script. Now you can shre you blog link to others and earn money.

If you guys still confused how to install script in blogger just search on YouTube there is lost of video available. You can watch and do the same just don’t forget to put your AdSense codes in script.

Thank you guys to read this article till the end. I hope you like this post and share with others. Please visit other posts also where we share many tips and tricks and trending topic in detail in simple language.

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