Indian App Store Is Coming – Made In India App Market

Hello guys you may heard about Indian App Store. What is this Indian App Market? lunch date of app store? which app will be available in app store. We will discus all this thinks in details below. How its works and were is this Indian App Market will be available.

Lets look in simple language Indian App Store is like Google Play Store. There is a collection of apps from where the applications will be able to download or use in android very easily. We all now till date depended on the Google Play Store, but now the App Market is going to see you in your smartphone very soon. And today we will talk about what its benefits are going to be and why you should download it.

Need of Indian App Store

Recently Google Play Store announced 30% charge on in app transaction to developers or company. Which is going to be a very harmful and getting profit down thing for the Indian app developer and businessman. All these have put a demand before the government. To protect Indian app developers and because of this decision has been taken. Let me tell you one more thing, some time ago Google removed Paytm and some similar apps from its play store.

Paytm was charged with gambling. While Paytm had tweeted in its twitter account that Google had removed their application from the play store for gambling, that is, to keep the prize on the matches that are going on in cricket. And then after 24 hours that application came back again because the same thing Google Pay is doing with many more apps.

Indian Government also ban 108 Chinese app include PUBG, Baidu, AppLock, VooV Meeting, LifeAfter etc most popular apps for people private data leak. In this situation Google Play Store take took much time to ban this app in india. And soon you will get to see Indian App Store.

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Indian App Store Is New Or Old?

Many of you will not know that India’s own App Store is available. In which some government application exists. So today you have come to know of another new thing. And if we talk about what you will find in the new App Store. So in the new apps store you will get to see a lot of new things. Things you find in the Google Play Store. In the same way, you will get to see all the same things in the new one, along with that you will also get to see the old application in it.

What is India App Store Launch Date?

As I have already told you that this App Store came a long time ago but at that time it had few apps but now after some time you will get to see it, in which you will get to see a lot of apps. Its date has not been confirmed for anything.


Benefits of Indian App Store

So talk about its benefits that with its arrival, India will have its own public app store in which you and your privacy will be kept completely secure and all those details will be limited to your government of India only. Whatever app will be made will be made with Indian Branding which is a very good move. This will help make India more digital.

If the Indian government wants to ban any application, it can easily ban it very easily. If you talk about Google Play Store, then it takes a little time to remove any big brand application. But if you have your own store, then it will take less time and work will be quicker. Similarly, there are many more things which I have mentored below.

What can be the disadvantages of Indian App Store

This is what we all know that nowadays, much malicious virus malware keeps coming in the applications and all those are removed from the Google Play Store in the same way that the Indian Apps Store is going to be. In that too many people will upload applications of this way, then we will have to see on top of that how soon or in what way our government prohibits these applications from reaching us. How are privacy policies, How to see security is also a very important question.

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