Biscuit Review: Browser App Hub?

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Keep Productive here. And in today’s video what we’re doing is taking a look at an application code biscuit I will be diving into how I discovered it in a moment I just want to say before we begin this video is sponsored by the lovely folks at Woven. Woven is a powerful calendar application and you can learn all about it little later into this video I just want to say a big.

Thank you for them for sponsoring December 2019 now as you can imagine There are obviously tons of apps trying to you know Make things a little bit easier during the day and biscuit is one of those applications. You can find it at eat biscuit calm I really love the URL for this one. The concept is really simple. It’s a browser as you can see in front of us it’s a browser for your applications and You know.

I don’t know about you, but when you’re on site of like Chrome, for example You’ve got loads of different sort of tabs open this is bad example because at the moment I don’t but Naturally, I know a lot of people who do suffer from sort of tab. Overload there are a few extensions for this but when it comes to actually You know coordinating them into this sort of like app like application where you can go down here and add an application We’ll show you in a moment It becomes a lot easier because you can see everything there and you can even bring together applications like notion in air table and that’s exactly how I discovered it from Kristin see in this video are all about air table was actually using this application.

So I use something called biscuit Really small? I think the guys one one one person shop might be a lady I’m not sure but it’s kind of like station or any of these other kind of apps that kind of aggregate a bunch of web apps together and what I did was I created a Sidebar with the types of things I wanted to keep track of. So the very first section of my biscuit is my health section he uses it not just to connect his air table.

but he connects up his notion as well and On specific pages, which is really nice so he actually has like You know pinned areas that he can see on the side panel and he also has he gyroscopes information is well available So it cuts out all of the I guess unnecessary You know information if I go ahead and open it in full. It doesn’t look half bad When you’re using it, very clean-looking Browser now what’s cool is up here.

Let’s get started. You can see it’s sort of work separation So what you can see is you could got a works work area And how many times you’ve got under that in a personal area? So it does separate it This is only on Mac If from what I could find and it is free, which is great So you guys can sort of get it get started for free, which is handy If you go down here and you press add new group you can obviously add a new group that could be for example, it could be like You know social So you could have a separate one for social and you know one for professional whatever However, you want to set up your groups.

And all you do is go down to the bottom here and you press add Application and you can begin adding them to different areas so they’ve got a good app directory like you can connect up with like air table and sauna and You know Dropbox So let’s say I wanted to let connect up with Cora you can see there and you can open it up and add this application Now what’s cool is a little bit of digging because I was not really sure like, I guess once all these app, you know It’s like going up having a browser privacy is pretty important But they stayed in their website that there’s no tracking and they state your life is yours.

which I quite liked And it says biscuit does not track or analyze your use nor will it send you anything your privacy is your right? So I thought that was pretty cool. And as you can see here, there’s a way to actually get notified so if there’s a notification inside of the application You can get a notification and you can see what that looks like. So this is what like Cora looks like For me like you can see all of this sort of You know information like if I want to go ahead and answer some questions, which I haven’t done in, you know Donkey’s age.

I can see all of the questions that potentially need answering so well It’s exactly like a browser And if I wanted to I could go home here Back to the homepage of Korra I could refresh and I could go between the pages if I wanted to Back and forth and I could also copy the text copiers text in the URL that is and whatever’s in the clipboard and you can even do a captured screenshot and You can even share it to the Gmail that is in your work here now one of the things that I guess is a pain when you’re getting started of an application like this is actually Residing into all of the applications that you already signed into and your existing browser But I am I’m guessing this is much more of a distraction for experience.

You can sort of like minimize how that looks and I guess you’re not changing between apps to some extent Which is pretty cool. So for example, if you had you know, you wanted your Ever note all accessible and your taco etc And you can have that all there. So let’s go ahead and add to do list Okay, so there we go Obviously if I sign in to my to-do list, like it all sort of pops up naturally like it would in the web browser Which I find pretty handy so a few comments regarding the application and how it compares to other applications like shift There’s another application out there called a try shift and it can be found at try shift com.

They’re pretty similar obviously biscuit being totally free and developed sort of independently shift is more for team members I’d say It allows you to add team members Unified search and is also available on all desktops like Linux Windows and Mac, but it does come at a price I believe the annual price was $99 $99 per year Which I think is pretty steep But it depends on how much you use applications like this and what’s cool on this version At least you can naturally add the applications that you’re already using and there’s no limit whereas on the shift I believe there’s some limitations how many ads you can lift but what’s quite cool is that if you’re for example Emailing like you can have that open up as your default email browser Whereas this is quite handy just for really taking on the browser and bringing all your apps into one streamlined experience So guys that was an overview of biscuit.

It can be found available in description. It’s a free application Thanks to Chris for introducing it to me Um, if I’m honest I probably won’t be using this as my go-to browser main reason is because I’m pretty comfortable with Chrome Right now I have no problems with it So I guess I don’t want to change and spend time moving base But I do like the way this application and if it is a huge issue for you, I think it’s pretty suitable Okay, guys, before we sign off I wanted you to check out woven woven is a powerful calendar application and honestly it’s been one of the most impressive applications of 2019 so do check it out.

Here’s a little bit more information before we go so guys this month sponsor is Woven now woven is a all-in-one Calendar with powerful scheduling tools now I discovered it back in November last year and I’ve been using it for the last three months to manage my podcast meetings festive plans and Much more now woven builds on existing calendar systems and gives you scheduling superpowers now.

First off woven has plenty of scheduling tools baked in Send shuttling links to book one-to-one meetings with clients Create group polls to plan an after work event Or use smart templates to quickly time block your calendar Secondly the powerful Maps feature allows you to plot and plan your commute organized where your next meeting is and get a sense of Direction in your day quite literally my favorite feature has to be the scheduling tools I’ve been using them for the podcast arranging meetings and also collaborations on the YouTube channel And I found it really easy to use the design has to be shouted out to woven’s attractive desktop app screams easy to use scheduling and helps you to get comfortable with your calendar and Woven isn’t just on desktop.

You can get it on web and iOS too with an Android app on the horizon Now I made a bold statement a few months ago woven is a new sunrise and they’re heading into a bright future So try out this powerful calendar application today by visiting woven comm /keep productive for more details. Thanks to woven for sponsoring keep eruptive this month You

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